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New Kindle eBook About Kitchen Knives

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For all you eBook junkies, which I am quickly becoming, I wanted to officially announce the release of my very first Kindle eBook—Kitchen Knife Basics. (Drum roll and trumpets please—it took a couple months of tireless formatting, testing, and reformatting in Word to get it to look good.) But it’s HE-re!

And guess what it’s about? Yep—how to understand, protect, keep sharp, and shop for kitchen knives! It’s no secret it’s comprised of core material from the KitchenKnifeGuru website, but laid out in a fun and fresh Kindle eBook format. Ready to be perused on your iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, or whatever other mobile device you like to snuggle up with on the sofa or slouch at a bistro table with while sipping your favorite frappuccino.

Why an eBook you might ask? Isn’t a website enough? And I’d have to answer, As a matter of fact, it’s not. First off—not to overlook the obvious—an eBook is easier to read! The text is large and spacious and stays in place. Secondly, on a website you have to poke around and find your own way through menus, tabs, posts, and articles while with a Kindle eBook (or iBook for that matter) the path is all laid out before you. No decisions to be made—just flip the next virtual page and keep on reading. And if you must take a break, leave a digital bookmark so you can pick up where you left off. Handy, huh? There’s a reason people have been reading books for centuries—electronic or not. They’re comfy. They tell a story.

“You can even download a sample if you want to get just a taste…”

Kitchen Knife Basics is on the Amazon website ready to be downloaded—just like all the other Kindle eBooks from big-name publishers. (Don’t you love technology?) It should be totally compatible with each and every mobile device that’s out there. Buuuuut. . .if you have an iPad and you’ve never bought an eBook from the Amazon website, you’ll want to download the Kindle Reader app from the App Store first (it’s free), then the Kindle eBook. (For the record, I own an iPad myself which KKBasics works perfect on.)

Happy reading!

Download Instructions for iPad Owners Who Are Total Newbies to Kindle eBooks

• Go to the Apple App Store and search for “Kindle Reader.” Download the app.

• Create an Amazon account (you’ll need an email address and a credit card number).

• Search for “kitchen knives” (or the actual title).

• When my eBook shows up, just 6 or 7 down the page, you’ll click to its web page. In the right-hand column, click on the “Deliver to” button underneath the orange price button. It should say the brand of your type of device (Nook, iPad, Kindle) or list it in a pop-up menu. If it doesn’t give you an “iPad” option, wait a couple of minutes. Sometimes it can take the system a minute or two to catch up.

• If all else fails, call Amazon customer service: 1-866-216-1072. I’ve always found them incredibly helpful!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for chiming in, Ed. And thanks for the copyediting feedback. Your first example about “Honing. . .” is not a mistake, but correct. But the “wedge” stuff is annoying — not sure how that crept in because the book material has been proofed many many times.

    Glad to hear you’re starting off with a high-quality blade. You can’t go wrong with Shun. Just make sure you treat it with care — don’t hack through bones, don’t saw through frozen cookie dough, and don’t drop it on a tile floor. It can’t take the wear and tear of a German knife:)

    Best, KKG

    P.S. Have you bought a hone yet?

  2. Hey Nate!

    Congrats on your book! Just finished reading it, and it was truly helpful. I´m from Chile, and starting to self study and get the basics for cooking. Now I´m int he knives and sharpening subject. I´m impressed. It´s a whole world.

    Anyway, besides my congratulations, I suggest you review your book text (typically there´s always more and more to correct… uf!), because there are some mistakes. For example “Honing is non-destructive while sharpening is not…”,(position 544), and I think “wedge” when you want to say “edge”, and some others.

    Hope you find it useful, and thanks again, it has been very useful to me!

    PD: I ordered the Shun Premier Chef´s knife for my first chef´s knife… guess I was stunned by the design and hammered blade… So now, to practice my knife skills.

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