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Miyabi Birchwood chef knife, 8-inch

It’s that time of year again—post holidays—when everywhere you look prices on everything are getting slashed. Kitchen knives are no exception!

Here are just a few (and some of the best) deals out there in kitchen-knife land. These are all high-quality kitchen knives—many of them on my recommended Best Chef Knives list, and if not on the list, comparable quality. They are designed to hold an edge, come back to their primal sharpitude time and time again if properly sharpened (and honed), and. . .last a lifetime.

Global Santoku, 7”

NOW ONLY $79.96 (was $122.95) / Sur La Table and Amazon
Global santoku kitchen knifeI own this knife and it’s also on my Best Chef Knives list. It’s stylish, practical, and will slice through a pineapple like butter. The santoku style is compact, yet matches the width of a much longer blade. It’s got knuckle room and is great for scooping up diced onions!

Henckels Four Star 3-piece set

henckels 3-piece kitchen knife setNOW ONLY $99.96
(was $178.99)
Sur La Table / Amazon

Incredible value—three knives for the price of one. A super way to kick-start your first, serious cutlery set. Just add a longer serrated bread knife and you’ll have the Core Three—all the knife-power you need to accomplish almost any kitchen task. For more info about the Core Three, read How Many Kitchen Knives Do You Really Need?

Wusthof Classic Anniversary Chef Knife, 8”

NOW ONLY $89.96 (was $129.95) / Sur La Table and Amazon
Wusthof Classic chef knife
This blade will never go out of style as long as Wusthof continues to keep their standards as high as they have for the past 200 years. (Mentioned on my Best Chef Knives list as well.)

Miyabi Kaizen Santoku, 7”

Miyabi Santoku kitchen knifeNOW ONLY $119.96 (was $169.95)
Sur La Table / Amazon

Miyabi is not as well known as other Japanese knife brands (i.e. Shun), but just as well-made and engineered. Maybe better. Seki-City quality and famous for coming from the factory wickedly sharp with a gorgeous hand-honed edge.

Shun Classic Chef Knife, 8”

NOW ONLY $99.96 (was $139.95) / Sur La Table and Amazon
Shun Classic chef knife
Beautiful, yet scintillatingly sharp—a classic Japanese hybrid at an unusually low price. Hard Japanese steel sandwiched between 34 layers of Damascus-patterned softer steel. (On “the list”.)

If you want to learn more about why these are top-notch knives and about kitchen knives in general, be sure to check out other articles on the KKG site such as How to Buy Great a Chef Knife and Knife Edges 101. And feel free to post a question on my KitchenKnifeGuru Facebook page!

3 Responses

  1. Dear Fellow Gurus,
    Following your advice, I ordered a DMT CS2 ceramic steel from the USA. It arrived today, but I am concerned that I may have ordered the wrong model. Mine has a white semi-circular piece on the handle (the bit used for hanging it up). I see on the packaging that the steels are colour coded. There is no white code but there is a silver code. However, the silver code is described as Extra Exra Course. I am very worried that the steel that I have bought will ruin my knives. Please can you advise me? Thank you, Paul

    1. Hi Paul,
      Have no fear — you ordered the correct model! Yours looks like the one on this page, no?
      My Favorite Honing Steels

      The DMT steels with the color coding are the ones you do NOT want. They use a diamond abrasive which does not hone, but sharpen.

      Have fun honing and enjoying perpetually sharp kitchen knives! If your knives have been properly sharpened and you do not mistreat them, the sharpitude could last for years :)

      Best, KKG

      1. Dear Guru,
        Thank you for your reassuring advice. I have passed on details of your website to all of my European cooking friends. We don’t have anything nearly as good in the UK.
        Best wishes,

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