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Who Is KitchenKnifeGuru?

KitchenKnifeGuru is Nate Ouderkirk—who is less a guru than a fellow appreciator of fine things and how to keep them in tip-top shape. (Including kitchen knives, of course, and all things kitchenistic.) He has worn many hats over the years: graphic designer, waiter, rock-and-roll singer/songwriter, fiction writer, English prof, and (let’s not forget) stay-at-home Dad.

Why is he qualified to wear his KitchenKnifeGuru hat? Because:

1) He loves to cook and has spent decades slicing shallots and chopping cilantro in his own kitchen.

2) Many moons ago he worked as a waiter in a number of high-end restaurants in NYC and had the chance to observe, first-hand, how fine food is produced.

3) Whatever subject is at hand, he has a passion for quality.

4) He has spent months and months researching kitchen knives and how to keep them sharp—scouring the web, reading books (including a college textbook on the manufacturing of steel).

5) He has interviewed numerous cutlers (professional knife sharpeners) and visited their shops as well.

6) He has taken a two-day class in bladesmithing and forged his own paring knife (well, with a LOT of support).

7) He likes helping people.

Do you have a question, suggestion, or wry insight on the nature of the universe? Feel free to leave him a message below or on his outpost on Facebook.

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